Triquetra CCTV Consultants features on-call and advanced tech support services available either via remote assistance and or, if necessary, through scheduling an on-site visit by one of our highly skilled security camera specialists. While scheduling an on-site visit by our technician requires an industry-standard trip charge and hourly fees for our technician, our remote support solutions are more affordable and often resolve your issues. Triquetra’s remote technical support and it’s associated service rates are described in detail below. Clients can submit a secure payment below and invoices will be processed via Paypal.

*Requirements: Stable internet connection and a computer (Laptop or Desktop) either (MAC or PC) available for our technician’s remote access. Please note: Our technician may require minimal assistance from an individual on-site to attain all resources necessary to complete the task. Customer will be required to complete payment prior to final steps being taken to resolve the issue at hand. *No charge unless a resolution is tested and assured!

Remote Advanced Tech Support Session: $54.50 per hour

Hours of operation: 8:00AM to 11:00PM Eastern Standard Times – 7 Days per Week

Support for all brands and models of DVR-based, security camera systems. Whether it’s bought at Sam’s Club or you had your system installed through a professional contractor. We understand all too well that when it comes to reliable tech support, it doesn’t really matter where your system came from. Only that you’ve got the support you need, when you need it! Triquetra CCTV Consultants specializes in delivering comprehensive troubleshooting and error resolution. Such as, advanced network configurations, software installations Mac or PC, upgrades, mobile app support, web-access solutions, email notifications, password lock-outs and other solutions.

*New router? Contact a technician to re-configure your remote viewing capabilities. This is a 3-Step process and you will need to assist. (take instruction) However, our support technicians work fast! Yet our efforts may be delayed due to unforeseen network or PC security issues. No-cost Stability testing will be done first, as a courtesy to all new customers.

Remote End-User Training Session: $54.50

Interested in learning the “ins and outs” of your security camera system? Triquetra CCTV Consultants features interactive walk-throughs and in-depth, Q & A sessions to train clients on basic networking, system security, system navigation, advanced settings, software and web interfaces, mobile applications, play-back and back-up procedures. Written tutorials are included. *Comprehensive training sessions are available in 1 to 3 hour blocks.

Outsourced Technician’s Training Course: $365.00 Flat Fee

*For Help-Desk and Field Technicians. Each Trainee requires a (Take-Home Kit) DVR w/ HDD, One Camera & Monitor provided by the Employer for training. Plus, motivation to learn!

Our CCTV Specialists are available as contract trainers for Hire. We will train new technicians and Help-Desk Representatives to ensure they are prepared to troubleshoot and resolve your customer’s most common, system support requests. We will focus on fine-tuning your new hire’s communication skills. Since this is, a key to their success, tho more importantly, each “trainee” will undergo an intensive training course and will be tested on multiple scenarios. Such as, Remote Access (Best Practices) Default Gateway access for multiple routers, Security Walk-Throughs, standard network navigation and CCTV configurations i.e. Static or DHCP, UPnP & Port Forwarding, Both, MAC & PC based Compatibility Scenarios, Basic to advanced troubleshooting steps such as OSP Removal, PTZ operations, ect ect.

At the 10-Day mark, Your Technician will be signed off on, only when they’ve successfully passed all tests with a 75% success rate. Detailed progress report will be provided outlining where they’d require additional focused training as a “Strengths & Weaknesses” assessment. Should they continue after 10 days, to struggle with the basics required to succeed in the field of CCTV technology and help-desk support, they will be deemed “Un-Trainable” At which time, it will be up to the employer to decide whether to further invest or replace such an individual. Not everyone is cut out to work in the technology and support field. *A decent tech, masters the technology they support, but talks like a robot! A good tech, can combine technology and decent communication skills! A great tech, leaves a lasting impression!

System-wide Optimization *Consultation $104.50 Flat Fee

Our CCTV Specialist will comb through your video surveillance system from end to end. We will analyze and optimize the network, privacy settings, the DVR’s configurations, software and the mobile apps currently being used for remote access. As well as, make “Best Practices” recommendations where ever needed. Such as, improved power-loss solutions to make sure you are getting the absolute “best bang for your buck” out of your investment. Not to mention, the protection you should be getting from your security cameras!

9 out of 10 New Installations are completed with nothing more than the basic settings to achieve a “functional” system with the highest profit margins. In fact, CCTV Field technicians are rarely trained on the advanced configurations of each model of DVRs and Cameras they install. Triquetra CCTV Consultants is here to fill the gap in your protection! Give us, one 2-Minute Phone call and one photo and we will prove our worth! (813) 863 7472

Digital Video Recovery & Forensic Analysis: $165.00 *Flat Rate Contract

*Written consent from the business or property owner is required.

Contract us to provide forensic video recovery w/ 100% Confidentiality. Our CCTV & digital video analysts can perform the following scenario: First, we will create a complete digital Copy of your Date & Time. (Max of 12 Hours) Next, we will analyze the footage and reduce the evidence to highlight the incident in question. Note: Our CCTV Experts extend 5 to 10 Minutes worth of footage at each end, as an appropriate zone to maintain proof of authenticity. Your video evidence will then be formatted in both Hi-Definition AVI and MP4 with all Meta-data retained. Files are then uploaded along with, any still images captured and prepared to source via a secure digital transfer. Including a detailed, court-ready incident report and witness statement, sequencing the events for an accurate time-line. Evidence is submitted directly to law enforcement in order to maintain proper chain-of-custody.

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