Security Cameras 101

Triquetra CCTV Consultants places great value on educating our clients on the security cameras they own. As such, here are some expert tips from our security camera specialists

TIP #1

Any time you (as the client) have your ISP – Internet Service Provider (Spectrum, Frontier, Comcast, AT&T) out to work on or troubleshoot your network. You should make it a practice to contact your security cameras’ support provider.

*Remember, your internet provider is NOT your security company! They are no authority on the functionality of your security camera system. When they tell you everything is fine! That guarantees nothing in relation to your security cameras. The bottom line is, their technician’s actions towards resolving your network issues can potentially wipe out remote access capabilities and other functions of your surveillance DVR or NVR.

TIP #2

Daylight Savings Time

We strongly recommend that you mark your calendar to adjust the DATE & TIME settings of your security camera system’s DVR for daylight savings. Otherwise, should you have an incident it will complicate the process of retrieving footage for law enforcement or an insurance claim. Such instances you want to be as stream-lined as possible!