Security Cameras on Smart TVs

The answer is YES you can view your security cameras on your smart TV. Although, depending the make and model of your TV will determine which method is necessary to set up this capability. Some are far more difficult than others.

If you have a “standard” Android smart TV, since the gDMSS Lite app is available in the Google Play Store, you will be able to proceed with the installation without any hassle.

Method #1: Using the Play Store

Follow the below steps to install the app on your smart TV:

Step #1:

To begin with the installation, you will need to access the Google Play Store from your smart TV.

Step #2:

Then you will need to search for “gDMSS Lite” on the Play Store.

Step #3:

You can use your smart TV remote to enter the input and initiate the search. Along with that, you will be able to locate the app.

Step #4:

Once you locate the gDMSS Lite app, you can simply download and install it on the Android TV.

This process will be similar to installing any other app on the Smart TV as well. Therefore, you will be able to get the job done without any hassle.

Step #5:

Soon after the installation of the app on your Smart TV, you can launch it. Then you can easily access the features offered by the app on the smart TV screen.

Method #2: Using APK file

In some of the Smart TVs, Google Play Store might not be accessible. In such a situation, you will need to verify whether your smart TV is powered up with Android. If so, there is an alternative method available for you to follow and complete the gDMSS Lite installation on the device.

For that, you will need to download the gDMSS Lite APK file to a USB flash drive. Then you can plug the USB flash drive to the smart TV, locate the gDMSS Lite APK via file explorer and install it.