commercial security camerasTriquetra CCtv Consultants knows all to well, that networks and networking equipment, CCtv systems and security cameras, each tend to require, some measure in routine maintenance. 

Here’s the thing.. the average person “assumes” their security cameras are working as they should. Then, the moment an incident occurs, they realize there’s a problem! Sadly, this leaves them unprotected against law-suits and insurance claims. Don’t wait until a problem arises! Take preventative action to maintain a reliable system.

Triquetra CCtv Consultants provides a low-cost solution with our system-wide monitoring agreement. Several times each month, our team will remote in to your system and conduct a thorough, system-wide health check. We validate network access, review software versions and process updates as needed, check hard drive health, complete a test back-up sequence, and inspect all channels and review nightvision quality to ensure everything is operating, as it should. Scheduling an onsite visit by a technician, only when absolutely necessary.

System Monitor agreement

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