security cameras

*The images shown here… are an excellent example of when you wrongly assume that your security cameras are protecting you, day and night. lets SAY, there was a slip and fall on the sidewalk one night. ultimately, the property is left “unprotected” due to a failure to maintain SYSTEM HEALTH AND image quality over time.

Routine System Health Checks [Subscription]

Triquetra CCtv Consultants, recognizes that over time, image quality can degrade with many causes. Such as blind spots due to plant growth or water spots, insects, dust and debri being built up on the lens. Not only that, but other scenarios such as network issues, unauthorized users gaining access and hardware errors can all leave your property at risk! Security camera systems require routine maintenance!

Here’s the thing.. the average person “assumes” their security cameras are working as they should. Then, the moment an incident occurs, they realize there’s a problem! Sadly, this leaves them unprotected against law-suits and insurance claims. Don’t wait until a problem arises! Take preventative action to maintain a reliable system.

Triquetra CCtv Consultants presents a low-cost solution with our system-wide monitoring subscription. At scheduled intervals, our team will remote in to your system and conduct a thorough health inspection. We validate network connectivity and user access, complete a back-up scenario, inspect and review all camera channels during a day and night-time sequence to ensure image quality and reduce blind spots. Once complete, we email a report, notating any areas of concern or recommendations. Should maintenance be determined to be necessary, we reach out to request approval for a service call and schedule a technician accordingly.

System Monitoring agreement

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