Tutorial: Basic Networking

Tutorial: Understanding Remote Access of a Network

In this beginner’s guide, we will explain how a  router, basic network  and remote access works *free from the GeekSpeak !                                                              

Imagine a network like you would your home. There you will find a front door and multiple bedroom doors each with Locks .      

Your Router’ Front Door is known as a Public IP address. If you wish to enter your network, you would use the front door. So , how do you find your Front Door?  Simple! Using any device connected to your network, go to https://canyouseeme.org             

Here, you will find your Front Door i.e. a Public IP address. *Used to access your network from anywhere in the world.

Now, think of each Device connected to your network. i.e. Computers, Tablets, Phones, Smart TVs, DVRs, Servers.     Each device has a Bedroom Door also known as a Local IP. These can be unlocked using  a Key: Port Forwarding rules.

How do I find my device’s IP address? There are 2 steps for doing this. First, Log in to the device itself, find the Network settings and locate the IP address to confirm internet access. Example of a common Local IP address:

Now… in order to access this device remotely, you will need to log in to your Router and configure Port Forwarding to unlock the door. Do so using any computer, Search for CMD in the Search Bar located in your Task Bar and hit ENTER

In the COMMAND PROMPT, type IPCONFIG and hit ENTER to find the Default Gateway (Access to the Router) This will normally.. (Unless a Static IP) be a set of numbers ending in .1 Example: or

Next… Open a Browser window. Any browser i.e. IE, Firefox or Chrome. Type the Default Gateway and hit ENTER  Then, log in to your Router’s GUI using the admin credentials (Often found on a sticker on the device itself)

Access the Firewall’s advanced settings of your router and there, you should find Port Forwarding capabilities               Enter the Bedroom Door [Device] you wish to allow access to and configure a TCP port forwarding rule.

Verify you’ve successfully “unlocked the bedroom door” by checking the Port number in https://canyouseeme.org                 You may now use the Public IP address, the Port and any username and password you’ve established to access your Device.